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Black Money in parking - No PAN / TIN Number of Parking receipt- Parking Concept- Next generation revolution for India Economy Growth

Black Money in parking - No PAN / TIN Number/BAR Code on Parking receipt- 

system need to develop so that no cash required
#digitalIndia #rupay card #credit card  #debit card may be an option.
क्या भारत सरकार इन पार्किंग रसीदों की गेंनस चेक करने में समर्थ  है।  देश में हो रहे इसतरह के छोटे छोटे फर्जीवाड़े को रोकने के लिए सरकार ने कुछ कदम उठे है।

December 13, 2013 at 4:16pm
In favor of Government of INDIA - All parking receipt should contain service tax and all cess information to stop black money transection in the name of parking contract. price should be included all kind of taxes and  Maximum Price tax should not be more then Rs 10  for 2 wheeler and Rs 30 for 4 wheeler for a day (8 hours)  

+Narendra Modi +PMO India 

Solar Panel at top of Parking - Parking Concept- - Next generation revolution for India Economy Growth.

National level policy & Bill required

I like the concept by sun houses parking Reference :http://www.sunhousedesign.com/sunhousedesign.com/solar.html

Regularizing Parking Concept framework in India 
Benchmarking the Bangalore/ Benchmarking the Australia

Benchmarking Finland

Learning/developing best practices/ better policies inside the India followed by different places

Reference : http://www.tribuneindia.com/2011/20111116/asrtrib.htm
  • Traffic condition are really bad
  • People are parking here and there
  • No parking space pre determined
  • Better utilization of space for parking.
  • Space for parking properly defined  and marked
  • Road space should be defined for parking from night 10 PM to Morning 6:30 AM
  • In business hours parking should be available only for 2-6 hours depend up on place to place.
  • Automatic parking slip machines should be implemented like Bangalore/ Australia and credit /debit card option should be there.
  • No dalal is there / no corruption/ direct income transfer to government body
  • Easily tractability of income from this source, service tax will increase.
  • Fail to follow this system will cause need to collect the vehicle from government office.
  • To make this system online credit /debit card option ir really needed to reduce corruption /black money involvement.
  • Really needed one way defining in markets, poles should be permanently fixed on side small roads/ Gali to stopped conjunction in market (Bench marking of Rajkot market/ Bhatinda  Punjab Market) ( Practical problem  you can observe in major place in delhi chandni chock etc)
Tampere Finland Parking slip machine

  • Government Income Increase
  • Collected Income can be used for development of particular area roads / light / water /hospital/ employment /education government school development etc
  • Public  will get developed and improve system & environment
  • Corruption by traffic police will reduced by e - payment system they need to carry portable payment m/c , no cash allow.

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